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giant horse soccer ball durable ball for animal and pet
Model number: 2013625162353
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Port: Shanghai
Minimum Order: 200pcs
Supply Ability: 20000pcs per month
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Delivery Time: 20~25 days
Giant horse soccer ball durable ball for animal and pet

- material; durable ECO PVC
- diameter: 20" to 50"
- color: custom color or our standard colors

Why horse soccer ball:

  • Contribute to the physical, mental & emotional health of your horse
  • Build trust, confidence, communication and partnership with your horse
  • Encourage exercise, promote mental stimulation and alleviate boredom for your horse
  • Encourage free-play for your horse
  • Improve your co-ordination, focus & teamwork skills whilst having fun playing Equine Soccer
  • Put FUN into your horse's life
Playing horse soccer is a fun and exciting way to spend time with your horse and friends. Horse soccer is a great way to exercise and train your horse. Playing horse soccer will help the horse with speed, balance, agility and become more responsive to its rider, this is also a great way to help a rider learn as well. Horse soccer is great for riders and horses of all levels of experience and the rules of play can be adjusted for experience levels. Horse soccer is a relatively new sport in America following are some basic rules and guidelines to help you understand how to play horse soccer with your horse and friends.



Trainers, teachers, Pony Clubs, Adult Riding: Clubs, Western Riding Club, Horse Soccer Balls is used in the sport of pushball, horse soccer, equine soccer, and is also used as a horse or equine training tool.